The Options For Identifying Major Issues Of Uk Hospitals

UK hospitals

Health officials said the figures could not be directly compared, as they had “toughened” up definitions so that more alerts were included in the latest statistics. Meanwhile bed occupancy continued to rise Thanks for this – despite a drop in A&E visits and in the Retweeted number of patients admitted as an emergency. The number of A&E attendances dropped to 347,000, well down from 376,000 the week before. Weekly emergency admissions fell from 90,000 cases to 88,000. It comes as hospitals struggle to cope with rising cases of flu, and norovirus levels which are 75 per cent higher than last year. Figures for the week ending 15 January show 20.3 GP consultations for flu per 100,000 people. The previous week there were 18.8 cases offluper 100,000 people, a steep rise from the12 per 100,000 recorded in the week ending 1 January. The number of days patients are spending in hospitals due to so-called ‘bed blocking’ has risen 42 per cent Credit: PA An NHS England spokesman, said:Demand moderated somewhat last week, but A&E departments remain under pressure, with flu cases set to increase and norovirus still higher than last year. “As flu increases we would remind the public that if you’re otherwise healthy, usuallyyou can manage flu symptoms yourself at home and there’s no need to see a GP. Most people feel better within a week.” On a single day, January 9th, 61 hospital trusts issued alerts, the highest number since a newsystem of Operational Pressures Escalation Levels was introduced. Norman Lamb,Liberal Democrat health spokesperson said:This NHS winter crisis brings bad news day after day and patients are paying the price. The Government are doing nothing to deal with it. I dont know how bad the figures need to get for them to actually take action.” The figures show 15 NHS trusts have issued such alerts every single day from Jan 3 to Jan 13. They are: University Hospitals Of North Midlands NHS Trust East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust St Helens And Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Dartford And Gravesham NHS Trust East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Isle Of Wight NHS Trust Medway NHS Foundation Trust Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust Surrey And Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Hospital trusts reported bed occupancy levels of 95.8 per cent – up from 94.

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