The Challenges Today For Common-sense National Health Service Solutions

National Health Service

Unlike other lines of insurance, the hands of the Shared this health insurance industry have been tied by the law, unable to grow and innovate. Now is the time to open the market to see what can be done to provide greater access to affordable health insurance for everyone. One of Doaks suggestions to House Leader McCarthy includes examining the use of microinsurance. This type of insurance focuses on the low-income population and has been successful in countries like India. Doak included research from David M. Dror, Chairman of the Micro Insurance Academy, on how microinsurance could work in the United States. Other ideas from Doak include: Permitting sale of insurance across state lines under state regulatory enforcement. Adopting policies that expand the use of health savings accounts coupled with more affordable, high-deductible health plans. Allowing states to enact new health reforms at the grade-school level that incorporate physical fitness and nutrition programs to deter preventable illnesses. Letting states determine the age at which a child can remain on his or her parents group health plan. Enacting legislation that protects consumers from unfair balance billing and surprise billing from individual providers like anesthesiologists, radiologists or medical service companies such as air ambulance and imaging providers.

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